Week 7: Cinderella

Morals in Cinderella (by Charles Perrault)

The moral of Cinderella story written by Charles Perrault is kindness and generosity goes a long way. If you are a kind hearted person, good things will happen to you. One should always fight for their dreams and fight with a gracious heart and hard work. Even though bad treatment was given to Cinderella by her step mother and step sisters, Cinderella has never shown negativity. She has always given a very good treatment to them. She even finds good nobles from the court and marries off her sisters. She returns good for evil and love for hate.

Charles Perrault‘s version of Cinderella teaches us that one should not stop dreaming. Even in difficult circumstances, dreams keep you going. Even though Cinderella was made to work hard in the house, had wicked step mother and step sisters who did not allow her to go to ball, she wishes for a better life. Other moral is one has to be brave and take chances. When fairy tells her that at 12 o’clock, everything will change back to ordinary, she still takes a chance and goes to the ball.

These morals are present in all the versions we have seen. All of the versions have a similar story with a different take on fairy and a few details changed. Even though the stories were told in different ways and were written in different points in time, the very essence of the story is the same. Dahl’s Cinderella shows that money does not necessarily make you happy. In Dahl’s version, when Cinderella realizes that the prince is a rude and monstrous character, she wishes for a “decent man”. That decent man happens to be an ordinary jam maker who makes her happy and their house was filled with laughter.

I believe that all of the above morals are still relevant in today’s world. Negativity leads to more negativity around you but benevolence only creates more positivity. If you do something with a good heart, good things will come back to you. I believe this cycle of good and bad will last till the end of time.


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